Student Council

The student council representatives this year are:

Junior Infants: Sophie Jessop

Senior Infants: Áedammir Campbell

1st Class: Aiden Gashi

2nd Class: Aisling McDonnell

3rd Class: Oisín O'Grady

                  Sofija Luka

4th Class: Aden Lamar

                 Jack Donnelly

5th Class: Kyron Quinlan

                 Ava Maloney

6th Class Red: Emily Araujo De Souza

                 Jigme Opoku Ware

6th Class Blue: Michael Buckley-Moran

                 Emma Donnelly

ASD-Butterfly Room-Guilherme Pereira Abreu

Teacher Reps: Ms. O'Neill, Mr. Seery, Ms. Guilfoyle, Ms. Watts

Student Council Members 2021-2022. 

Events in 2021/22

Easter Egg Hunt: Our Student's Council representatives organised an Easter Egg Hunt for the Junior classes. 

Bake Sale: In collaboration with 6th class, the student's council reps organised and helped out with our Bake Sale. It was a great success and we raised 720 euro which will go towards sports equipment for the school.

Walk on Wednesday's: The student council are monitoring the amount of walkers in each class. Well done to Second class who had the highest percentage on the first Wednesday with 52%.